261_tm.pngJust 300 meters from our Willa Góralska is Kościelisko - the most beautiful of the Tatra valleys, the second largest on the Polish side of the Tatras. It is here that the most famous outlaws from the area were once ravaging.

To tutaj grasowali niegdyś najsłynniejsi w okolicy zbójnicy.


What you should know about the Valley Kościeliska?


It was an inspiration for many artists. Poet Adam Asnyk wrote about it this way: "... Everything glows as silver and gold
In the droplets of fresh moisture
and shines with a rainbow color ...
This is Kościeliska Valley! "

9 km in length.

The highest point in its environment is Błyszcz (2159 m).

Once the many thugs and robbers were ravaging in the area of the valley. Such rocks as Zbójnicka Turnia (Robber's Crag) and Zbójnicki Stół (Robber's Table) were named after them.

Remember! We are pleased to provide our guests with information about places in the area that are worth visiting.

Attractions of Kościeliska Valley


Numerous caves (around 450!), four of which are available for visitors: Mroźna, Raptawicka, Mylna i Smocza Jama. Marked hiking trails go through them.

Throughout the valley goes a wide walking path that narrows in some places - these are the so-called gates, including Kantaki and Kraszewski Gateway.

Kraków Gorge which we will reach after 1 hour from the entrance to the valley. It is situated behind Pisana Clearing and it trails as a a narrow path between monumental rocks.

Mountain cottage on Halaq Ornak (upper part of the valley), built in the 1940s, offers a breathtaking view.