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Terms of Apartment Rental

Apartment rental terms, hereinafter called the "Terms", contains the procedures and rules according to  which it is possible to make reservations and rent apartments according to their definition included in  the Terms below.  The procedures and rules also specify the ways of using the apartments.

Making a reservation according to the rules specified in the Terms constitutes the acceptance of its provisions.  The lack of acceptance of the Terms makes it impossible to make a reservation.

Client – natural person or a legal person  using the Apartment, which is at the Lessor's disposal, for temporary stay.

Apartment - living unit located in the building situated in Kościelisko at ul. Strzelców Podhalańskich 48, described in detail on the website and hired by the Client  for temporary stay for the purposes of  leisure and tourism.

§ 1. Reservation.


  1. Apartment reservation can be made online on, via e-mail or by telephone.
  2. After reviewing the offer and the choosing the time of arrival, the Client fills in the reservation form.
  3. Placing a reservation via the reservation form should be treated as information that the apartment is available (on the day on which the Client wants to arrive) on the day of receiving the application and  it will be  initially reserved until the time of paying the advance payment of 50%.
  4. To receive the confirmation of the reservation the Client needs to pay the advance payment within 48 hours from making the reservation. The advance payment needs to be paid to the following bank account in PKO Bank Polski: 82-1020-2528-0000-0502-0318-5758.
  5. Advance payment can be made in one of several ways:
    • e-transfer
    • credit card
    • payment directly to the bank account
    • standard bank transfer. 
  1. Credit card transactions and e-transfers are processed by Dotpay processing center. When selecting these two payment options, the Client is redirected to a page that allows payment through the Dotpay payment operation system.
  2. After receiving the payment by the Dotpay System, the Client will be automatically notified by email about the confirmation of payment and reservation. The e-mail will contain: Client's personal data,  description of  the offer with the address of the  apartment, the number of people during the stay, the total price of the stay, the amount of advance payment made and the amount remaining to be paid. The e-mail confirming the reservation must be presented upon arrival to the Apartment as the basis for making an advance payment and settlement of the remaining amount.
  3. When choosing the third and fourth option as a way of making an advance payment, the Client will receive the confirmation of Initial Reservation via email. The reservations will gain a status of "confirmed" reservation  when the advance payment will be deposited to the bank account provided. The Client will receive an email with the confirmation of the reservation which must be presented upon arrival to the Apartment as the proof of making an advance payment and the basis for settlement of  the remaining amount.
  4. If the advance payment is not deposited to the provided bank account within 48 hours, the reservation is automatically canceled and the Apartment can be reserved by another client.
  5. The Client is obliged to pay up the remaining 50% of the reservation not later than on the day of his/her arrival.
  6. If the reservation is made within less than 7 days from the date of arrival the Client must pay 100% of the price of the reservation to the bank account.
  7. After making the advance payment the Client receives an e-mail confirming his/her reservation which needs to be presented  upon arrival to the Apartment for the purpose of full settlement.
  8. In the case of cancellation the advance payment made is not refundable.


§ 2. Salaries and conditions of payment.


1.  The price for renting the Apartment provided on the website and in the reservation form includes the VAT tax on goods and services and is expressed in Polish złotys.

2. The price does not include visitor's tax in the amount of 1.4 PLN per person per each day of stay. This fee will be charged on the first day of the stay.

3. If the stay falls in two different price periods, the total reservation cost is calculated proportionately to the number of days spent in each period.

4.  The price for renting the Apartment is set each time in the reservation form.

§ 3. Change and cancellation by the Client

1. When paid,  advance payment is non-refundable. However,  it is possible to change the reservation date.

2. The change of reservation is possible only when the apartment is free on the new date.

3. When the new date chosen by the Client falls in the season in which the prices are higher, it is required that the Client should pay up the difference in price.

4. The Lessor reserves the right to refuse to change the reservation date, if it is impossible for objective reasons. In the event of canceling the reservation due to the lack of possibility to change the conditions of the reservation, the Client is not entitled to a refund on the advance payment.

5. If the Client doesn't use his/her reservation, or he/she arrives earlier to the Apartment or departs later from the Apartment for the reasons attributable to the Client, he/she is not entitled to demand the refund on  advance payment or payment for unused stay.

6. It is possible to cancel the reservation without bearing any charges by the Client only when the Client finds another person who will make a reservation for the same Apartment and for the same time. In this case, the Client will receive a refund of the advance payment which he/she made.

§ 4. Change or cancellation of the reservation on the part of the Lessor


1. The change in the date of a confirmed reservation on the part of the  Lessor is possible in the case of force majeure, preventing the provision of this service. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Client or his/her property, due to reasons beyond the Lessor's control, cannot be guaranteed. In such a case, the Lessor will offer the Client another date for the Client's stay or the Lessor will cancel the Client's reservation refunding  the advance payment made by the Client.

2. In exceptional situations and also in case of breakdown or other random events whose consequences cannot be overcome by ordinary means, the Lessor reserves the right to provide a replacement apartment with the consent of the Client. In the absence of consent of the Client for a substitution Apartment, the reservation is canceled, and the  Lessor is obliged to refund the advance payment to the Client.

§ 5. Security deposit for the time of a stay at the Apartment.

The Lessor reserves the right to charge a deposit of 600 PLN in order to cover any possible damage that may be caused by fault of the Client and the price due for the stay of an undeclared person. The security deposit is collected on the first day upon the Client's registration and returned to him/her on the last day after the Client hands back the Apartment and the Lessor makes no remarks on the condition of the Apartment.

§ 6. Client's stay at the Apartment.

1. Stay in the Apartment starts at 3.00 pm on the first day of the reserved date and continues until 11.00 am on the last day of the reservation.

2. If the Client wants to extend his/her stay beyond the period covered by the earlier reservation, he/she should notify the Lessor at least 24 hours before the date of the last day of his/her stay.

3. As far as possible, the Lessor will take into consideration a request for the extension of a stay.

4. The Client receives the keys to the Apartment by after making all the payments connected to a reservation, after paying a deposit and visitor's tax and after the registration (check-in) of all people.

5. Without the written consent of the Lessor the Client may not transfer the Apartment to be used by third parties.

6. The Lessor does not consent to the Client's organization of receptions, parties or meetings of more people than the number declared when making the reservation of the Apartment. For violating this rule  the Client  will be obliged to pay the Lessor a contractual penalty of 5.000 zł (five thousand złotys) for each such violation of the Terms.

7. The Client is obliged to immediately report the damage caused by him/her during his/her stay and to cover the cost of this damage.

8. Each time when leaving the Apartment during his/her stay, the Client is obliged to secure the Apartment by closing entrance doors and windows, and by switching off the heating plate, oven and other electrical appliances being used.

9. The Client is obliged to respect the property, respect the principles of the good neighbor policy, and generally accepted principles of public order and to use the Apartment according to its purpose.

10. In the event of losing keys the Client shall pay the fee of 200 zł (two hundred).

11. The Client shall not take any elements of the interior furniture and/or the equipment of the Apartment.

12. The collection of keys from the Client is done by the Lessor always in the Apartment on the last day of the Client's stay.

13. In the case of violating the rules of a stay by the Client of the stay by you, the  Lessor  shall be entitled to deduct from the deposit the costs of bringing the Apartment to its previous or proper state as well as other damages (e.g. for losing keys) or the stay of an undeclared person. If the value of above-mentioned claims is higher than the value of the deposit, the Client is obliged to pay up the difference.

14. In the case of gross violation of the Terms by the Client the Lessor is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect. In this case, the Client is obliged to leave the Apartment immediately.

15. Apartments are non-smoking and the introduction of dogs and other animals is prohibited.

16. The Client is obliged to comply with quiet hours from 10.00 pm to 7.00. am.

17. The Lessor may refuse to accept a reservation from a Client or a Client's guest if these persons violated the Terms during their earlier stay, causing damage to persons or property.

§ 7. Final provisions.

1. The Client is responsible for providing correct data in the reservation form. The Lessor is not responsible for incorrect completion of the form by the Client, including the incorrect choice of the arrival and departure time.

2. Dotpay electronic payments system  is responsible for proper operation of the collection of payments related to reservation.

3. During making the reservation the Client agrees that his/her personal data will be placed in the Lessor's and Dotpay databases. These data will be used solely to enable the operation of reservation  process and for marketing purposes in accordance with the  laws and regulations binding in Poland, namely Personal Data Protection Act and Act on Rendering Electronic Services.