Superior - 3 bedrooms

Welcome to paradise! The apartment you chose is one of those we are most proud of. Staying in it will add new meanings to the words “comfort” and “exclusiveness”. We’re afraid that words and pictures are unable to fully reflect the delight you will experience while choosing this particular suite in Your Place. We might try to describe all the decorations, details in wood and stone, but we know that true art can speak for itself. Enough to say that what you’re dealing with is the most detailed and exquisitely decorated apartment in all of Your Place. The quality and the number of original finishing items enchant at first sight, and the delight keeps rising as you see further and further details and functions of rooms.

The suite has been designed for five people and is equipped with 3 stylish bedrooms – two large ones with double beds and flat Sony LCD TVs, and one smaller with a single bed. Each of them has its own original decor, lighting and character. You can choose a bedroom with a beautiful original view provided by several neighboring windows, equipped with ambient blue and green lighting. Just be careful not to spend your entire stay in bed – this is just the beginning of the attractions that await you!

With such a high standard of equipment, it is clear that the dayroom, just as in other suites, has been fitted with top-quality Sony 3D LED TV with Blu-Ray and a home theater – it is an ideal offer for spending an evening together, sitting on elegant leather sofas. Any time you want, you may use the stylish drink bar with a stone wall, made by the hosts of Your Place. The whole thing perfectly fits the electric fireplace and the view on the National Park. In short – if you seek a unique, extremely exclusive place, where you can rest with your family or friends, you’ve just come to the right place – Your Place. Call us and check for available dates – due to obvious reasons, the suite enjoys much interest!
x3 + sofa
from 180 EUR
Two bedrooms
with double beds

One bedroom
with two single beds,


Kitchen, bathroom and WC
Available in packages